Wago Corporation: Brochure Features ProServe Updates

Jan. 11, 2012
A new brochure highlights updates to WAGO Corporation's ProServe® Design, Assembly and Marking suite.
ProServe® consists of free professional-grade software, as well as plotters/printers that combine design and engineering tasks with WAGO's 25,000 products to create assemblies. Revisions include new 6.0 software that utilizes a high-performance SQL server database, and expanded marking/design conveniences, e.g., AutoSave and SAP export options.

The brochure outlines how ProServe® smartDESIGNER and productLOCATOR functions navigate WAGO's Electronic Interface, Terminal Block, Interconnect and Automation catalogs. It also details the generation of part lists, creation of drawings and 3D presentation of parts/assemblies. Also explained are ProServe® smartSCRIPT and smartMARKING functions for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and terminal blocks. ProServe® is compatible with industry-standard CAD/CAE systems and supports 18 languages for multinational projects.

2012 revisions to ProServe® hardware include expanding compatibility with prominent hand-held printers and renaming existing WAGO printers. The 3M™ PL300 joins the DYMO® RHINO 6000 hand-held printer in accommodating WAGO-exclusive 11mm-wide marking strips for TOPJOB®S lighting connectors and DIN-rail mount terminal blocks. The ProServe® TP-343 printer has been renamed TTP-345 Thermal Transfer Printer.

For additional information, download a PDF of the ProServe® brochure at http://wago.us/downloads/ProServe_Brochure.pdf or contact WAGO at 1-800-DIN-RAIL or [email protected].

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