Maple Systems, Inc: HMIs with Advanced Features

Aug. 1, 2012
Additions to the HMI5000P series include a 7-inch, 12.1-inch, and 15-inch TFT touchscreen display, all housed in compact and corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosures.

The HMIs connect to a long list of PLCs, drives, and motion controllers through two serial ports, a USB port, a CAN bus port, and an Ethernet port (including support for BACnet and importing tag data for Rockwell Automation and Siemens PLCs). The SD slot or USB port can be used to log data or capture alarm history. Two video input ports on 12.1 and 15-in. models allow two motion cameras to connect to the HMI for remote monitoring, and the built-in media player can play video files for training or instructional purposes. The EZwarePlus configuration software has enhanced options including increased recipe functionality, advanced macro support, and better diagnostic tools to make it easier to program and maintain the HMI. The security options make it possible to manage user accounts and privilege settings. The HMIs can email messages to remote personnel to alert them of alarm conditions in the plant. The EasyAccess feature makes it possible to set up remote monitoring and control of the HMI from any networked PC, while VNC support allows monitoring from a handheld device or smart phone.

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