FasTest, Inc: Connectors for Compressed Gas Filling Applications

Designed to connect to CGA 540, 580 and 580 RPV gas valves, the FasTest G-Series connectors for compressed gas filling applications deliver rapid, repeatable connections to pressure vessels, making them suitable for bulk filling facilities.

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Featuring a unique roller bail handle actuation technology, the G-Series connects by inserting a collet onto the tank valve and rotating the bail roller handle over the connector and tank valve—instantly locking the connector in place with minimal effort. The smooth operating, one-hand bail roller actuation allows technicians to quickly connect/disconnect vessels and improve throughput to the filling location. This technology also reduces operator fatigue and enhances safety by eliminating repetitive twisting and turning connection methods.

The CGA 540 models are compatible with external threads and the CGA 580 models are compatible with internal threads. Each connector features a set of collets engineered to expand or contract to the mating valve threads upon actuation. G-Series connectors are rated for pressures up to 3600 psi and offer built-in safety elements. Once an application reaches 150 psi, a safety pin extends to lock the connector sleeve securely in place to prevent accidental removal under pressure—protecting operators in high-pressure applications.

The G-Series is a low-maintenance, cost-effective family of compressed gas connectors. With its simplified design, the number of potential leak paths is reduced and there are fewer seals to maintain. The “through body” handle construction and one piece exterior improves connector durability, decreasing performance failures and preventing excess labor and part replacement costs.

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