Hope Industrial: Extender System With Video Display

The 75 m KVM Extender displays VGA video images as well as USB signals for touch screens, keyboards, mice and other USB 1.1 devices up to 75 m (246 ft.) over standard CATx cables.

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The extender system includes two transmitters located near the computer and a remote receiver that can be mounted on the rear of one of our NEMA 4/4X Universal Mount Monitors. The VGA video resolutions are as high as 1920 x 1080. VGA video and USB cables are connected directly from the host computer to separate USB and VGA local dongles. These video and USB signals are encoded and sent by the transmitter via CATx cables to a receiver unit that is mounted to the rear of the display. The signals are decoded by the receiver and sent via standard cables to the remote monitor and USB devices. 

More information on the 75 m KVM Extender.

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