Mitsubishi: Motion controller

Offering easy upgrade to its MR-J3 and MR-J4 servo platforms, Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Q170MCPU-EIP motion controller allows end users to operate their existint third-party control systems that incorporate Add-On-Instructions (AOI).

Mitsubishi created an AOI library with a set of motion instructions that improve the functionality of third-party design and configuration software. These instructions allow users to quickly and easily upgrade to a Mitsubishi servo system to control MR-J3 and MR-J4 servos via Ethernet/IP.

The motion controller is suitable for applications where end-user specifications require a third-party PLC and up to eight axes of servo control. Specific applications that are well suited to the Q170MCPU-EIP motion controller include: filling; case packing; cartesian pick and place; cut to length; indexing vertical, form, fill and seal; conveyors; and assembly.

Factory managers and other automation professionals can now benefit from the power and reliability of the company’s iQ Motion Platform for demanding motion control applications while using their existing control systems.

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