Mitsubishi Electric Automation: WSS Series Circuit Breaker Line Expands

New models are made of thermo-plastic material that has been branded with material identifications for easy recycling. Older models are being phased out.

MEAU WSS circuit breaker line expanded
MEAU WSS circuit breaker line expanded

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., announced the expansion of its WSS Series circuit breakers, as well as the phasing out of older models. Additions to the WSS Series include:

  • UL489 listed 400AF and 630AF molded case circuit breakers;
  • 400AF earth leakage-type circuit breakers;
  • NF400-SWU and NF630-SWU circuit breakers as direct replacements for the WSS series NF-SKW and NF-SLW; and
  • NV400-SWU and high performance NV400-HWU Series harmonic surge-ready circuit breakers with 100.200.500mA selectable rated current sensitivity earth leakage detection.

The 400 amp and 630 amp frame-sized circuit breakers are available now. Limited inventory is available during the transition. Superior aspects of the new circuit breakers include:

  • Higher breaking capacity (35 to 65kAIC @ 480VAC and 65 to 85KAIC @ 480VAC for the HWU Series)
  • Standardization of accessory parts. Internal accessories (excluding UVT) can be field mounted (cassette type)
  • Expansion of the installation and connection types for all applications
  • Interlocking handles are interchangeable between the old style WSS and new style WS-V (F Type is direct mount to breaker, V Type is for door installation)
  • Compliance with international standards

As part of Mitsubishi Electric’s eco-friendly initiative, the circuit breakers are made of thermo-plastic material that has been branded with material identifications for easy recycling. All Mitsubishi Electric circuit breakers comply with RoHS regulations.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation supplies a comprehensive line of circuit protection products, including miniature, molded case, and air circuit breakers ranging from fractions of an Ampere up to 6300A in size. Developed using the latest research and manufacturing technologies, the company offers circuit breakers that ensure safe and reliable operation in virtually any application. Breakers are fully supported with all necessary options and accessories.

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