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FactoryStudio 2014, an engineering and development platform on top of the Microsoft .NET Framework, delivers solutions to run on Windows PCs, Web, virtual machines and iOS mobile clients.

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It extends the concept of the real-time in-memory database, used by SCADA and HMI factory-floor tools, to a complete set of business entities able to deliver applications ranging from standalone local HMIs to IT operations centers and management execution systems. Beyond working with simple tags, the real-time core manages process variables and assets composed by hierarchical data templates, multi-dimensional dynamic arrays, lists, date-time and interval variables, images and data tables. Automatic tag definition synchronization with OSIsoft PI System, PI AF and PI Event Frames, Rockwell PLCs, XML, SQL, OPC servers and various other systems is also included. Deep .NET integration provides easy reference and management of external DLLs and a built-in C#/VB.NET script editor and debugger with breakpoints, step, watch and online code changes to efficiently create and manage .NET scripts and classes; a Google Search enabled help system, all to empower users to flourish in today's' environments. Real-time displays can run in rich-client control stations, multi-monitor context sensitive portals, Web pages and native iOS apps. Automatic hot-standby redundancy, store-and-forward, project development change tracking and product version management, in-chart trend annotations, powerful data grids complete the package.

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