ABB Robotics: Vision System for Robots

Integrated Vision makes vision-guided robotics applications faster and easier to deploy.

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Using 2D vision guidance, the system allows manufacturers to track products more accurately, improve supply chain management, improve quality, troubleshoot challenging lines and processes, and significantly expand their use of robotic automation. The Cognex-powered vision system features imaging technologies such as the PatMax algorithm for advanced part location. The result is robust inspection, defect detection, guidance, alignment, and measurement, all critical to ensuring that manufactured products meet the highest possible quality standards. Setup, deployment and maintenance are done with the company's PC-based programming tool; operators can select features, set parameters and operate under real world conditions from a library of common vision applications. The smart camera offers a range of communication protocols that interface directly with the robot, helping complete programming and set-up in approximately 25% of the traditional time.

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ABB Robotics

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