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FactoryTalk Software Functionality has been expanded.

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FactoryTalk VantagePoint Version 5.0 now offers rapid prototyping capabilities, improved reporting functionalities, and greater options for viewing on mobile devices. New reporting capabilities leverage the technology from Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and other tools to provide full layout-control and report-writer ability. The VantagePoint Energy bundle, which includes FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI software plus energy-specific models, charts, trends, dashboards and analysis tools, delivers information regarding energy relative to a company's production systems. This can give plant operators a framework for building an enterprise energy-intelligence solution and driving more strategic energy decisions. FactoryTalk Metrics Software v11.0 monitors equipment on the plant floor and provides efficiency monitoring, event collection and data analysis to plant operators who need KPIs regarding machine, line and plant performance, including OEE, MTBF and MTTR. The latest version provides expanded performance-management capabilities through a new manual data-entry feature for work cells without automated control systems. The FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition application collects, stores, analyzes and visualizes production data using data capture and storage engines that can be used in process, discrete and hybrid environments. Version 4.0 has improved the options for high availability, including resilience over slow or unreliable networks. It also provides faster data-retrieval times and allows five times more data points to be managed by a single server.

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