Process Device Maintainability Made Easier with PlantPAx

Two linking devices from Rockwell Automation provide PlantPAx system users with connectivity to FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices.

Aw 20350 Image 1 2

The Allen-Bradley 1788-EN2FFR and 1788-CN2FFR linking devices provide a direct link from EtherNet/IP or ControlNet networks to the FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 device-level network, making the integration of FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices intuitive and seamless.

The 1788-EN2FFR and 1788-CN2FFR linking devices offer simplified setup into Studio 5000 software from Rockwell Automation, thanks to an Add-On-Profile (AOP) that allows information from FOUNDATION fieldbus devices to be translated into an open EtherNet/IP standard.  With this simplified set-up, users have the ability to easily access and modify field device parameters from their computers utilizing FDT/DTM Technology. 

Process users continue to leverage bus topologies to build their instrumentation network.  Having the ability to remotely maintain the devices on these networks saves time and helps eliminate accessibility challenges in hard-to-reach environments.


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