Foxboro Intelligent Positioner Leverages FDT Technology for Innovative Diagnostics

The SRD991 offers the most advanced technology available on the market today.

SRD991 Intelligent Positioner Ex ia / Intrinsically safe
SRD991 Intelligent Positioner Ex ia / Intrinsically safe

This includes among others an infrared interface for wireless operation and configuration, a multi-lingual full-text graphic LCD and an availability with the choice of all in the process automation applied communication protocols. It offers enhanced applications and methods to analyze recorded stroke data. All the diagnostics features can be easily configured and display by the Positioner DTM (VALcare). Moreover, the Positioner DTM enables to edit a complete “health” report of the valve with all data of configuration and diagnostics. Foxboro leverages the power of FDT Technology to visualize the function block in the DTM in a way that is both innovative and extremely helpful for trouble shooting.

The SRD991 has also the capability to control a Partial Stroke Test (PST) that offers operators a tool to identify the trouble-proof function of ESD (Emergency Shut Down) valves.

The SRD can be integrated into system environments and applications that support the FDT/DTM concept according to the Specification 1.2. The device can be integrated into any other common control system such as Fisher Rosemount-AMS or -Delta-V, Siemens SIMATIC- PDM, Yokogawa, Honeywell, ABB and SMAR.

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