iDTM-FDI – Device Integration was never that easy!

Combining FDT and EDDL technology in a cost-efficient way has always been a challenge. This hurdle disappeared when CodeWrights brought its iDTM for HART and FF devices to the market.

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Now, with the FDI technology on the horizon, a new demand can be seen: How to cope with FDI packages in FDT applications? CodeWrights has now enhanced its iDTM platform with FDI capability; the new product is called iDTM-FDI and combines common FDI and FDT2 DTM components to provide the key link.

The FDI Packages (which are containing EDD files) are the controlling elements for the iDTM, giving the users the following advantages:

#1: Reduced Development Time

iDTM-FDI helps minimize driver development and testing. With the existence of now three technologies, EDD, FDT and FDI, the device manufacturer shall provide an additional artifact. Fortunately, the FDI package can be used for both FDI host applications and dedicated DTMs without changing the FDI artifacts in any way.

#2: Harmonized Functions and User Interfaces Device manufacturers must provide common functions and user interfaces for all integration technologies. iDTM-FDI lets them bring up the complete FDI function set and user interface without altering one line of code!

#3: Low Life-Cycle Cost

FDI Packages, the toolset and common software components offer backwards compatibility with regard to the interpreter and the EDD files. The iDTM software also allows device manufacturers to update FDI Packages by themselves.

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