Upcoming Product Introductions For MODEX 2014 and General Release

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures and offer complete solutions for machinery and equipment safety for OEMS and Users in US and global markets.

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We custom manufacture all pressure sensitive switch products for OEMs and users via qualified product/ applications managers and engineers. With over 55 years custom manufacturing we know machinery and equipment standards, are ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and offer a full line of solutions to most manufacturing and equipment sectors.

Summary of New Product Releases

1) Programmable/Modular Machine Control Unit (PCU) Bridges The Technology Gap Between Safety Relays and PLC Systems For Machine Builders and OEMs
2) Trapped Key Interlocks For Power Isolation and Access (Lock-Out) Machine Guarding Configurable Solution Based on Machinery Types
3) Safety Laser Scanner For Area guarding

Full product specifications can be viewed at www.tapeswitch.com

·         Signaling Switches
·         Safety Mats/ Emergency Shutdown/Presence sensing
·         Safety Edges/ Emergency Shutdown/Contact Detection
·         Safety Bumpers Equipment in Motion /Contact Detection/Emergency Shutdown
·         Safety Light Curtains (machine mounted)
·         Safety Laser Scanners area guarding (simple to complex)
·         Non-Contact Interlocks (monitoring Machine Guarding for Doors Gates Enclosures)
·         Trapped Key Interlocks for Access Lock-out  and Power Isolation Machine Guarding (Doors, Gates, Hatches and control panels

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