Monitor AC and DC Voltages. Powerful SCADA Software

Monitor AC and DC Voltages from the Relio R3

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Aw 21995 Searaq Example 250
Monitor AC and DC Voltages from the Relio R3
Relio R3 industrial rackmount computers allow you to add up to 18 SeaRAQ expansion boards and create virtually limitless I/O configurations. We have expanded the SeaRAQ family with two new boards featuring 16 optically-isolated digital inputs. The 8510 is designed for 3-30 VDC inputs, while the 8511 offers 0-132 VAC input range. Field wiring connects to the boards using 20-position, removable, high-retention Phoenix terminal blocks compatible with 16-30 AWG wire. Both boards include 1500 VAC field-to-logic isolation to prevent damage from harmful voltage spikes and surges often found in industrial environment.
Check out the entire family of SeaRAQ I/O expansion boards and see how they can help you build the perfect Relio R3 computer with the highest I/O density available in an off-the-shelf industrial rackmount system here
MIL-STD-1553 Bus Tester
Avionics and military applications using MIL-STD-1553 demand the most reliable communications possible. For comprehensive 1553 testing, simulation, and bus analysis, Sealevel offers the TST1553USB module.  The TST1553USB connects to the host computer via USB and is perfect for troubleshooting existing 1553 installations or assisting with new 1553 application development. 
MuXSoft, a user-friendly software tool for monitoring messages, frames and errors and analyzing the status of each 1553 unit on the bus, is supplied with the TST1553USB. MuXSoft provides triggers and filters for monitoring and displaying of recorded data. Recorded frames can also be exported as XML, CSV and other file formats for future use or for interacting with other programs.
In addition to the TST1553USB, Sealevel offers a full line of MIL-STD-1553 IP cores and board level products. Download our MIL-STD-1553 IP Cores White Paper to learn the advantages of an FPGA solution over standard IC’s here
Tech Lowdown: Is SCADA Software Available for the Relio R3?
Yes, you can take full advantage of the tremendous I/O capabilities of the Relio R3 using DAQFactory supervisor control and data acquisition (SCADA) software. DAQFactory includes powerful functionality for data acquisition, batch control, data logging, and real-time data display. Using DAQFactory, you can easily design scripts using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and display important process parameters on the R3’s 7” LCD.
DAQFactory is compatible with all Sealevel Modbus-compliant I/O including our popular SeaI/O and eI/O modules.  Take a look at how DAQFactory software was used with a Sealevel SeaI/O module in this motor control application example here
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