Heidenhain: Programming Station for Lathe Controls

The DataPilot MP 620 and the DataPilot 640 are programming stations for the company’s Manualplus 620 control and CNC Pilot 640 control, respectively.

Aw 22676 Datapilot620 Low 2
The DataPilot runs on the latest software of the respective lathe control. The programming station for lathes gives the operator the capability to program away from noise and distractions of the shop floor, making it particularly suited to train operators. The DataPilot CP 640/MP 620 is available in a demo version and three full versions: for a single workstation, or for networks of 14 or 20 workstations. The full versions allow the same number of programming lines and cycles as the lathe controls and have the capability to generate NC programs during automatic workplane generation (AWG).
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