Belden: Advanced Cyber Security Toolkit

Tofino Enforcer software development kit brings next generation security to SCADA networks.

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The toolkit allows third parties to create next generation cyber security solutions using the company's Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology. Modules developed with the development kit protect difficult-to-secure SCADA and industrial control system protocols and improve the overall reliability and safety of industrial systems. Key features and benefits include a common virtual machine development platform, with pre-configured layer 3 and layer 4 firewalls and logging systems; the ability to utilize DPI technology that provides the fine-grained inspection of SCADA protocols necessary to secure industrial systems; example source code-illustrating a Tofino Enforcer Module for a well-known protocol; easy creation of additional LSMs and easy-to-use debugging tools. There is no need for a company to disclose sensitive internal information. Companies can create a custom solution, controlling their own development cycle and the management of future updates.

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Belden Inc.

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