Device-Specific DTM for Inline Frequency Inverter

The decisive advantage of this device-specific DTM is that it provides a comfortable and speedy way of setting the parameters of an entry-level frequency inverter.

Aw 25745 Phoenix Contact Product Image

Typically, the first time that a frequency inverter is set up, setting the parameters requires a considerable time expenditure. That’s especially for inexperienced users. The device-specific DTM gives advice and graphical support along with tool-tips during the parameterization procedure, reducing setup time.

The main view of the DTM contains frequently needed parameters. The customer has to set motor data first and then determine velocity characteristics, etc. The time period for parameter settings is thus significantly shortened. Furthermore, it is possible to operate the drive via DTM for testing purposes.

The DTM is exclusively compatible with ILC 100er class small scale controllers and provides support for four different types of inline frequency inverters. These entry-level devices are part of the Easy Automation System of Phoenix Contact and the inverters are available in the power range from 0.75 kW to 4.0 kW.

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