A simple way to bring monitoring and control to your mobile device

Opto 22’s groov makes it easy to monitor and control a wide range of automation equipment and systems from your smartphone or tablet.


Specifically, the groov Box (part number GROOV-AR1) is an industrially hardened, compact appliance that contains everything you need to build and view mobile operator interfaces. There’s no software to download or install, no server to set up. By plugging the groov Box into a standard Ethernet network and 120-240 VAC electrical outlet, you can…

  • Build your groov mobile operator interface on any brand computer using only a web browser. No plugins needed.
  • Drag and drop from a library of touchscreen-ready gadgets; tag gadgets from your OPC-UA tag server. No coding. No programming.
  • Securely view your groov operator interface on any mobile device with a modern web browser, regardless of its manufacturer. Android, iOS, Windows: your choice. No per-device or per-user fees.
  • Watch groov scale gracefully to match any screen size from iPod touch to HDTV. Gauges, buttons, labels, even live video all scale to fit, but never become too small to use.

With this product, you can monitor and control industrial automation systems, building automation systems, power systems, and more from smartphones, tablets, laptops, even HDTV.  Examples of applications include:

  • Troubleshoot equipment in the field with your smartphone.
  • Check a live video feed and production figures from a tablet.
  • Control equipment in hard-to-reach areas from a laptop.
  • Use a tablet as an operator interface for your machine.

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