Safety Laser Scanner

The mini version of SICK’s S300 safety laser scanner is designed for mobile and stationary safety applications.

Aw 26279 S300 Mini

As machine safety standards, such as ISO 13849, are increasingly adopted on a global basis, the addition of safety devices to machines has moved from being an add-on afterthought to an integral part of machine design and function.

To address the increased level of attention being paid to safety devices on machinery by both manufacturers and industrial end users, SICK now offers a new, mini version of its S300 safety laser scanner. This new mini scanner provides safeguarding for hazardous area protection, hazardous point protection and access protection.

The S300 mini measurements are 102 x 116 x 104 mm (W x H x D) with a weight of 0.8 kg, versus 102 x 152 x 105 mm (W x H x D) for the S300 with a weight of 1.2 kg.

The S300 Mini comes in two versions: the S300 Mini Standard and the S300 Mini Remote. Both versions have common features, such as two or three meter safety range options, 270 degree scanning angle, triple field sets (2 warning, 1 safety), M12 connector, 80 ms response time and external device monitoring. The triple field function enables a protective field and two warning fields to be operated at the same time, thus minimizing downtime and brake wear. The main differences between the S300 Mini Standard and S300 Mini Remote are the number of field sets and monitoring cases—the S300 Mini Standard has one of each and the S300 Remote can be configured for up to 16 field sets and 32 monitoring cases

A S300 mini Remote connected to the Flexi Soft safety controller enables it to perform traditional safety laser scanner personnel protection as well as safety control logic for an entire machine. Connected with a proprietary interface (EFI) for safe device communication, the S300 mini Remote and the Flexi Soft safety controller allow the realization of advanced system solutions, such as complete protection systems for vehicles. Configuration & Diagnostic Software or the Flexi Soft Designer can be used to define protective and warning fields in on a PC or laptop from an access point.


Principal features of the S300 Mini Safety Laser Scanner line include:

S300 Mini Standard

  • 2 m or 3 m protective field range;
  • 270° scan angle;
  • 1 field set (1 protective fields, 2 warning fields);
  • Selectable resolution for hand, leg or body detection;
  • Contour as reference for vertical applications;
  • Integrated external device monitoring; and
  • Easy-to-configure fields and functions.

S300 Mini Remote

  • Can only be used in EFI system network with a Flexi Soft safety controller or another safety laser scanner;
  • 2 m or 3 m protective field range;
  • 270° scan angle;
  • Up to 16 switchable field sets (16 protective fields, 32 warning fields);
  • Selectable resolution for hand, leg or body detection; and
  • Extended system solutions in combination with Flexi Soft safety controller.
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