Cognex: Barcode Reader Performance-Monitoring System

Sept. 8, 2014
The Cognex Explorer Real Time Monitoring system gives facility managers data that removes system defects and optimizes processes.

The system trends read rates, evaluates images from packages that were not read, and classifies those images to help improve equipment efficiency; it is designed to leverage DataMan's image-based barcode reading capabilities in industries such as logistics, automotive, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage. Server-based, it connects to a network of DataMan readers and regularly pulls read rate information as well as images from packages. When a process error results in a package with an unread barcode, images are sent to the system, which automatically evaluates and categorizes each image with terms such as "packages with no label present" or "poorly printed labels," and stores them in a database. The data is then accessible for future viewing through any device with a web browser.

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