FieldMate™ Device Management Tool Comes with NE 107 Compliant DTM’s

As digital and multi-functional field devices are increasingly used, users need to process larger amounts of information from such devices.

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In addition to the increased volume of information caused by a growing number of parameters from field devices, event and alarm functions provide more detailed information of various types, forcing users to identify important information. NAMUR NE 107 is a recommendation for preventing alarm flooding that offers appropriate diagnostic information to relevant personnel when necessary. Developed as a specification for self-diagnosing field devices, it offers alarms that are categorized into four standardized statuses (F: failure, C: function check, S: out of specification, and M: maintenance required). To facilitate setting and confirmation for the alarm arrangement in accordance with NE 107, Yokogawa has incorporated NE 107 functionality in its device DTMs for Foundation™ fieldbus and Profibus.

The FieldMate™ “One tool for all” concept allows users to configure, maintain, and manage all field devices, no matter the make or protocol used to communicate, in a very efficient manner and thus helps to save on operational expenditures. FieldMate™ synchronizes seamlessly with Yokogawa’s PRM Plant Asset Management tool providing a clear path to Asset Excellence.

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