Progea: Energy Management Software

Pro.Energy allows users to acquire, view and manage energy information, improving their environmental sustainability as well as their competitiveness.

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The energy management tool allows constant monitoring of electricity, gas, water, compressed air or steam costs as well as accurate, instant energy assessment functions, providing energy managers with decision making support. The platform is a Movicon functional module that can be linked to various types of meters for the various energy sources, gathering energy consumption data in real time and saving it in a SQL Server relational database. Data is then processed using integrated, full-featured and ready-to-use analysis tools, yielding charts, tables and reports. Based on such analysis, the software can detect EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators), i.e. key indicators that show a clear, comprehensive picture of the company's energy requirements and energy distribution patterns, thus helping the company fight energy waste and optimize resources. A configuration wizard assists the user in safely associating data and creating databases in auto mode, and each step of the solution is customizable. Special ODBC connectors allow bi-directional linking to management systems, which in turn makes it possible to create MES solutions, cross-linking consumption and production data.

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