Keyence Releases NEW Multi-Function Static Meter

Jan. 29, 2015
Keyence has just added to its industry-leading lineup of static-control products!

Product overview
KEYENCE has just added to its industry-leading lineup of static-control products! The SK series of Electrostatic Sensors are now available in hand-held and inline models to suit every application. Precision measurement of static electricity, temperature and humidity allow the user to monitor charges on parts or check static eliminator performance while viewing or outputting data as required.

Hand-held Model
The SK-H050 handheld electrostatic sensor features a large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display for checking static levels on the spot. Built-in laser aim and a 180-degree rotating head allow for fast and easy measurement even in a narrow space. With an optional charge-plate attachment, the SK can also measure an ionizer’s speed and ion balance in order to monitor performance while internally storing or outputting data to a PC if necessary.

Inline Model
The ultra-small design of the SK-050 inline static sensor allows for easy integration into any existing machine. Measurements can be displayed on the integrated amplifier or output through various means including RS-232, EtherNet/IP and analog voltage/current, while connectable amplifiers reduce wiring and programming. Whether confirming an applied charge (up to 50kV) or verifying that charge has been eliminated, the SK also features simple setting of HI/LO tolerances for discrete judgment outputs.

The SK series of Electrostatic Sensors is the perfect solution for any application where static electricity is a concern, providing advanced functionality and versatility in an easy-to-use design.

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