HART Communication DTM for FDT2

Release of popular HART Communication DTM supporting FDT2 planned for spring, 2015.

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Since the release of FDT, the CodeWrights HART Communication DTM has been one of the most-used DTMs on the market. Soon the new version of this DTM for FDT2 will be made available. It is based on the proven HART driver, which works with most of the HART Modems (serial or USB) on the market. The User Interface was replaced by a new design, and the application has been optimized for today’s users. HART_BASIC, HART_FSK are supported by this DTM, making it backward compatible with existing FDT1.2.x DTMs. The configuration allows Point-to-Point connections as well as multi-drop modes with an extended address range. For developers of HART DTMs, the Communication-Log function has been improved. As with the current version, the Basic Version will be released as freeware. A fee-based version will be made available for certification tests with dtmINSPECTOR and for production use. The release is planned for end of second quarter 2015.

For more information visit: http//:www.codewrights.de.

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