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Utthunga framework for FDT 2.0, 1.2.x offers versatility

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Utthunga DTM development framework is a comprehensive set of reusable components that enables you to build DTMs up to 60% lesser cost & up to 48% faster development time.

Key features of this development framework include:

  • Supports FDT 2.0, 1.2.x standards
  • Build C++,Net DTMs
  • Supports DD source code input
  • Easy migration to build PC / Mobile apps
  • Complies to FDT style guide
  • Supports development of device DTMs, Communication DTM and Gateway DTMs.
  • Protocol support includes Modbus, HART, Profibus, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, ISA 100 Wireless, Foundation fieldbus
  • DTMs developed using Utthunga DTM development framework have been tested with all major FDT Frames & HOST systems for standards compliance & interoperability
  • Major process instrument manufacturers have leveraged Utthunga DTM development framework to develop over 50 DTMs.

The framework is implemented using a DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself) concept. It is architecturally designed in a modular format for application flexibility. The various components include UI, protocols, generic controls, standards libraries, custom controls, and FDT DTM interfaces for FDT 1.2/ 1.2.1 and 2.0 (powered by FDT 2.0 common components).

The DTMs developed using this framework can be extended to build PC applications or a mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows). It also provides easy maintenance and scalability with respect to FDT standards, device firmware versions, and protocol additions.

Utthunga’s DTM development framework capabilities continue to grow with upgrades that will include support for FDI DTMs.

For further information please contact us at contact@utthunga.com

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