M&M Software’s diSTORE Online Store Simplifies Storage & Management of DTMs

Extended tools ease setup and updating.

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M&M Software GmbH’s cloud-based software product, diSTORE, enables plant operators and device producers to administrate their FDT® 1.2 and FDT2™ DTMs from a central repository. Moreover, device manufacturers can place their DTMs in customized, company-specific areas at the clients’ disposal.

The service, unveiled at the Hanover Fair 2015, will be a standard component of the fdtCONTAINER application. It also supports functions such as installing and updating DTMs as well as searching and finding all necessary DTM setups. At the same time, interfaces for the integration of this cloud-service in foreign applications will be available. In the future, diSTORE may support device description files and FDI packages in addition to DTMs, thereby covering everything that is needed for device integration. Anything stored using the diSTORE portal can be segmented in private or public repositories. M&M Software uses Microsoft Azure™ for this solution in order to ensure a high level of safety, stability, reachability and performance.

For more information, visit http://mm-software.com/en/news/distore-first-online-store-dtms.

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