Synchrono Releases Version 6.0 of SyncOperations Manufacturing Intelligence Software

New Features Mean More Power for Manufacturers to Enable the Industrial Internet of Things

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Synchrono, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software, today announced the release of version 6.0 of SyncOperations, the company’s manufacturing intelligence system powered by Savigent. SyncOperations enables the Industrial Internet of Things by pulling and analyzing data from multiple sources driving value for both manufacturers and their customers.

SyncOperations software is comprised of several components, including a workflow automation engine, a data historian and the ability to connect and aggregate data from enterprise systems and machines. Key enhancements in version 6.0 of SyncOperations include:

  • An all-new Artifact Server that stores ready-to-deploy applications for easy use across the enterprise
  • Enhanced functionality and flexibility, allowing workflows to interact with all environment information without the need for dedicated interface types
  • Infrastructure changes that allow online data storage and web-based queries of the system
  • New IM-SQL querying language support that provides easy access to system data and can be used to investigate complex relationships within manufacturing data

The manufacturing process and contextual data gained from SyncOperations software provides highly actionable information for operations, engineering and continuous improvement teams. “SyncOperations 6.0 gives manufacturers some powerful new tools for capturing real-time data and connecting systems, machines and people,” said John Maher, vice president of product strategy for Synchrono. “The information gained can drive instant, more informed decisions to positively impact production flow as well as provide a solid focus to continuous improvement initiatives.”

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