Unique Stand-Alone, Ultra-Compact 5MP Vision System Offers World-Class Speed

June 23, 2015
The In-Sight 5705 and 5705 Color (5705C) 5MP vision systems are the highest performance In-Sight systems available for both monochrome and color vision requirements.

They can significantly expand the range of applications that can be solved with a stand-alone vision system. In addition to being the world’s smallest stand-alone system, according to Cognex, these systems provide industry-leading performance in an ultra-compact package.

Speed—the ability for inspection capacity to keep pace with production rates—is one area the In-Sight 5705 5MP standalone vision system excels in. Speed begins with robust pattern matching, the first step in any machine vision application. Pattern matching capability usually determines whether the application succeeds or fails. The 5705 offers high-performance vision tools, faster image filters than ever before, and a PatMax part and feature location technology that has been completely reinvented. The In-Sight 5705 with new, upgraded PatMax RedLine technology typically performs four to seven times faster than with PatMax alone. The In-Sight 5705 helps shorten cycle times to let users perform more inspections and easily handle the demands of your production line.

Both models offer vision tools that are optimized to run at high speed. In addition to PatMax RedLine pattern matching, the 5705 and 5705 Color (5705C) offer filtering (grayscale and color), color tools (color ID, true color extraction, and color histogram), advanced defect detection tools, ID tools (1DMaxTM, 2DMaxTM, and OCRMaxTM) as well as the foundation tools of blob, edge, histogram, and non-linear calibration.

As with other solutions in the Cognex vision family, the In-Sight 5705 and 5705C offer user-friendly, graphical spreadsheet and EasyBuilder software tools.