Performance View for Neles SwitchGuard™ Introduced in Metso Valve Manager™ (DTM)

The DTM release 1.17 brings On/Off valve diagnostics to a new level. The ability to present the current valve assembly condition and to predict its future is better than ever before.

The Metso Valve Manager collects information of valve assembly’s diagnostics history and current measurements and combines it with the wide field experience. Users see more focused information in a way that helps them to make correct interpretations.

The Performance View, which has been available for ND9000 intelligent valve controller, is now available for SwitchGuardTM SG9000. Performance View graphically displays indices of the On/Off valve. When none of the statuses according to Namur NE107 are indicated, the calculated index is displayed as a green bar.

The “Report” button gives users a report on the valve assembly status with explanations of the status of each component and guidelines for actions.

The DTM package can be downloaded at and follow Link to valve related software.

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