ICP DAS USA Introduces New Motionnet I/O

ICP DAS USA introduces MN-3257, an Motionnet I/O expansion device.

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ICP DAS USA introduces MN-3257, an Motionnet I/O expansion device. It has 32 isolated digital output channels, each can be connected to up to 64 modules. This allows the I/O of a Motionnet system to be expandable to 2048 output channels. As Motionnet is a very high-speed communication protocol, the communication time required by each MN-3257 is 15.1 µs. If 64 modules have been connected, signals for 2048 points on 64 modules can be sent and received within 0.97 msec. I/O status updates are completed automatically through the Motionnet system at a constant interval. Setting interrupts for specific input points where users want to monitor can help minimize the usage of CPU resources by repetitive polling when there is nothing else for the issuing process to do. The internal flywheel diodes of each output port can be individually connected to different sources of power (each port has 8 I/O signals).

Motionnet is a high-speed serial communication protocol for motors, I/O and controllers. Motionnet devices like MN-3257 can be used in factory automation applications where they need to control a motor, control LED lights on the machines, etc. Motionnet I/O devices can be connected with PC and machines to transmit data. The communication speed can be up to 20 Mbps. While using cyclic communication to control input and output, MN-3257 can also transfer a maximum of 256 bytes of data using interrupts. Motionnet provides communication based on RS-485.

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