How to Make FDT Better this Winter? FDI.

Out now: The iDTM-FDI Tech Preview. The FDI adapter for your Frame Application.

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Maybe you wonder: “I signed up for FDT, now FDI is released – so what happens now to my products, to my investments? Is it all obsolete? Do I have to decide for one of the two technologies?”

With foundation of the FieldComm Group and release of the FDI (Field Device Integration) technology the discussion started – what is the way to follow…..does the FDT user have to decide for one technology?

No. FDI enables your FDT Host or Frame right now – using the iDTM-FDI, a DTM with FDI technology on board capable to consume FDI Device Packages.

For users and system suppliers iDTM-FDI is an adapter for the existing FDT frame application (stand alone or system integrated). Available FDI Device Packages can directly be used.

Some device manufacturers can drastically reduce device management costs instantly. They only have to implement FDI Device Packages in the future. Those can be delivered with the iDTM-FDI as FDI adapter for FDT Frame Applications. The user will not even recognize that he uses FDI. Handling and look & feel are identical to the known FDT / DTMs. Hard to believe? Try it out now!

Experience the all free iDTM-FDI Tech Preview*

Available from November 2015

Only on

* Tech Preview Version requires a FDT2 Frame, Version 1.0 'Base' will be compatible to FDT1.2 and FDT2 Frames.

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