AutomationDirect Offers Socomec Disconnect Switches

AutomationDirect has added Socomec disconnect switches to its list of circuit protection products.

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AutomationDirect has added Socomec disconnect switches to its list of circuit protection products. These switches provide make and break power under load and most styles are front, right side, flange or direct handle operable. A wide variety of accessories, such as handles, shafts, auxiliary contacts, additional poles and more are also available.

SIRCO M compact UL 98 non-fusible three-pole switches, with a 30 - 100 amp range, are touch safe, DIN-rail or back-plate mountable and feature double breaking per pole and a direct or external operation handle. Prices for compact non-fusible switches start at $48.50.

SIRCO UL 98 non-fusible heavy duty switches, starting at $121.00, have a 100 - 600 amp range, provide fully visible disconnection, high electrical and mechanical endurance and withstand high thermal and dynamic conditions.

Compact and modular, SIRCO M UL 508 non-fusible switches have a 16 - 80 amp range, are DIN-rail or base mountable, and allow direct or external operation. Starting at $18.50, the non-fusible switches are suitable for use as motor disconnects.

SIRCO M UL 508 enclosed non-fusible switches, with a 30 - 60 amp range, allow for the safe control and disconnection of any motor application. Starting at $64.00, switches are equipped with one removable ground terminal and a handle with a three padlock capability; one power pole and one auxiliary contact can be added. Suitable for use as motor disconnects, these switches are NEMA/UL type 1, 3R, 12, 4, 4X rated.

Starting at $84.50, FUSERBLOC UL 489 compact fusible disconnect switches have a 30 amp rating and feature front operation, touch safe covers, voltage sensing terminals and a short circuit rating of up to 200kA SCCR.

SIRCO UL 98 manual multipolar load switches are rotary disconnect switches with a 100 - 250 amp range. Starting at $210.00, these panel-mountable switches have a general use rating of 600 VDC (three-pole) and 1000 VDC (four-pole) and are ideal for photovoltaic applications.

FUSERBLOC UL 98 fusible disconnect switches, starting at $78.50, feature a 30 - 600 amp range, front and side operation, touch safe covers, double break contact and up to 200kA SCCR.

Socomec blown fuse monitors detect fuse opening using a latching relay and a signaling LED. They can be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail, a back plate, next to the disconnect switch or on the door, or can be mounted directly on the side of FUSERBLOC 3861 series switches.

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