Utthunga Presents First Collaborative Graphical Editor for DD/DTM Development

Utthunga’s Device Integration Suite DDStudio makes FDI-enabled DD Development and DTM generation easy for instrument manufacturers. It reduces time to market by 35% and total ownership cost by 50% while still providing 100% compliance to standards.

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DDStudio offers a clue driven graphical editor, flow chart based method creation and a debugging tool. It minimizes errors during development cycle, ensuring savings in testing effort, time to market and total cost of ownership. DDStudio enables new DD creation and updates to existing DDs. It also verifies the IEC compliance of legacy DDs.

DDStudio generates DDs and converts them to DTMs while providing enough flexibility to optimize the DTM code for supporting special algorithms, graphics, etc. DDStudio provides proven host-based templates for both Windows and handheld platforms, greatly minimizing the testing effort. With common data models for both FDI-compliant DDs and DTMs, DDStudio is the single point solution for all the device Integration needs.

With DDStudio, instrument manufacturers & OEMs are guaranteed to achieve best in quality device integration components at reduced cost & time to market.

For more information or a demo, please write to us at contact@utthunga.com

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