Pentair: Modular Enclosure System

The Schroff AdvancedTCA ECO Modular System offers 14 slots and is based on a modular concept with a cost-optimized scope of features.

Aw 90050 1511np Pentair

All features of the 14U system can be upgraded or minimized as required and the cooling and power supply can be easily adapted to suit. Specific aspects such as redundancy, cooling capacity and PEM (Power Entry Module) rating can be easily matched to the requirements of a given application. With the fan tray in autonomous mode, the system can also be operated without a shelf manager. In this case, the fan controller monitors the air inlet and air outlet temperatures and sets the fan speed accordingly. The system is available with two backplane options: a Dual Star version and a Dual-Dual Star version. Both backplanes satisfy the requirements of IEEE 40GBase KR4, i.e. Ethernet with a data transfer rate of 10 Gb/s per port and four ports per channel. This gives a total of 40 Gb/s between blade and switch (40G backplane). In the case of a Dual-Dual Star backplane, four switches are used. Data can thus be sent via two switches in redundancy mode, resulting in 80 Gb/s overall. If the switches are configured for 3+1 redundancy, a data rate of 120 Gb/s can be achieved between the blades. The IPMB management bus on both backplanes is bused.

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