MYNAH Announces Release of Mimic Simulation Software v3.6.2

MYNAH Technologies announces the latest release of Mimic v3.6.2, dynamic simulation software for plant life-cycle business results.

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MYNAH Technologies announces the latest release of Mimic, dynamic simulation software for plant life-cycle business results. Mimic Simulation Software is a next-generation software platform for the process industries, providing fast, easy, flexible, dynamic simulation for plant operations life cycle results.

This new release of Mimic, v3.6.2, contains new functionality that makes improving plant operations easier and faster, including:

  • A new function block toolkit for process control improvement
  • New functionality to support Rockwell Automation RSTestStand users
  • The next generation of the Mimic External Model Interface (MEMI)

Function Block Toolkit for Process Control Improvement:

The dynamics provided by the new function blocks in Mimic v3.6.2 are used to simulate the dynamics of control system components with the results documented with online process metrics. This library of control system components is based upon the articles, papers and books by Greg McMillan, most completely in the recent Momentum Press book “Tuning and Control Loop Performance, 4th Edition”. Also added to Mimic v3.6.2 is pH probe block that can quickly and easily model the response of nearly all pH systems. The pH probe block provides a first principle solution by means of a charge balance.

The process control improvement function blocks can be implemented by simply configuring the new Mimic blocks using the key parameters defined in the ISA dictionary.

Using Mimic, process control engineers can build effective dynamic simulations for selecting the best analyzers, control valves, transmitters and PID controllers and tuning settings.

Rockwell Automation RSTestStand Replacement Functionality:

In partnership with Rockwell Automation, MYNAH has developed a migration path for users of Rockwell’s RSTestStand to Mimic Simulation Software. To simplify this migration path Mimic 3.6.2 contains a set of blocks that provide a one-to-one functionality equivalency for RSTestStand. The new blocks in Mimic 3.6.2 are: Analog Valve, Generic VFD, Message Array, Motor Operated Valve, Momentary Latched MOV, On Off Valve, Rotary Axis, Simple Axis, Velocity Position.

The Next Generation of the Mimic External Model Interface: MEMI 2.0

Mimic v3.6.2 contains a powerful tool for integrating third party models such as those created in MS Visual Studio in C, C++, Visual Basic, or models developed in process design platforms such as HYSYS or MatLab, into Mimic. MEMI 2.0 has additional model integration and synchronization capabilities and user awareness and controls in Mimic Diagnostics and Simulation Studio.

In addition, there are several enhancements made to Mimic’s Component Studio, Explorer, Simulation Studio, VIM Bridge, Property DB Editor and License Manager, included in this release.

Mimic v3.6.2 is released and is available for any new system purchases. Mimic users who are current on Mimic Software Support can upgrade to Mimic v3.6.2 for no additional charge.

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