Cabinet Air Conditioners Offer High Efficiency

The Blue e+ series from Rittal features a parallel hybrid design.

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The hybrid design is based on two parallel cooling circuits working together, depending on temperature difference. The integral heat pipe dissipates heat from the enclosure as soon as the ambient temperature falls below the setpoint, providing passive climatization. Active cooling is provided by the compressor's cooling circuit with speed-controlled components for demand-based cooling. Inverter technology provides cooling output that is always exactly the amount needed at the time, reducing energy consumption and extending the life of the components inside the enclosure and the cooling unit itself. The units have multi-voltage capability to connect to all standard power grids worldwide, from 110 V (single phase) to 480 V (three-phase) at 50 or 60 Hz, with no change in performance. Other features include a touch-screen display on the front of all units which provides all relevant information at a glance. System messages appear as plain text and are multi-lingual. Password-protected near-field communications (NFC) allows operations personnel to communicate with the cooling unit via mobile devices such as a smartphone. The NFC interface provides real-time performance data and, if needed, permits quick modification of the unit's settings. The cooling units offer cooling capacities up to 6000 watts (previously up to 4000 watts) and can be used in environments ranging from -30 to +60 °C.

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