Advantech Launches a New Powerful Touch Panel Computer

Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group is pleased to announce the new 12” TPC-1282T touch panel computer with an Intel 5th Generation Core i3 processor and iDoor technology.

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Aw 92650 Tpc 1282t

The TPC-1282T is the first to use Intel’s 5th Generation Core i3 processor which provides an additional 15% increase in speed vs. 4thgeneration and also refreshes graphic images 30% quicker. All of these benefits are achieved while maintaining low power consumption and enhanced reliability.

Advantech’s iDoor technology is a new modular way of adding versatile functionality to provide the flexibility to choose the functions that are needed without having to purchase devices that have excess costs and functions that are not used. With isolated DI/O ports, Power over Ethernet, Profibus, and CANOpen modules, the iDoor technology provides a cost efficient solution to increasing the functionality of the TPC-1282T.

Having partnered with the world’s leading Softlogic software developer, Advantech offers as an add-on option the ability to have CODESYS embedded on the TPC-1282T. CODESYS is described as “a software platform especially designed to fulfill the many different requirements of modern industrial automation projects.” The IEC 61131-3 programming tool CODESYS Development System is the heart of CODESYS. It offers integrated, user-friendly solutions to support the user in developing task. By collaborating with CODESYS, Advantech has begun building the software platform directly into the hardware. In the past, someone had to write different pieces of code for each of the separate devices. With CODESYS, there is only need to write one piece of code for all machines and distribute it over Ethernet. This greatly speeds up development time and integration with third party devices.

The TPC-1282T has two USB 3.0 ports; a PCI slot for adding functions; the iDoor technology slot uses a mini PCIe connector and if not being used for iDoor modules, it can be used for additional cards such as Wi-Fi, 3G, and GPS.

Other features include 4GB DDR3L SDRAM that can be used with a variety of Microsoft® Windows operating systems, Linux and Advantech software applications such as WebAccess, PanelExpress, and SUSIAccess. To be washed, an IP65 certified front panel is used.

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