New Light Grids PSENopt II for Applications up to PL d

The automation company Pilz presents a world's first for this industry - type 3 light grids.

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The automation company Pilz presents a world's first for this industry - type 3 light grids. The new light grids, PSENopt II, enable applications from the category performance level d (PL d), thereby closing the "type gap" of the revised version of IEC 61496-1. With PSENopt II it is no longer necessary to switch to type 4 when PL d is required. The level that precisely matches the safety requirement can now be implemented with these new light grids. This saves costs as over-dimensioning is not necessary.

The standard IEC/EN 61496 for light barriers, light curtains and light grids only defines types 2 and 4. After modification of the standard, type 2 light grids can now only be used in applications with performance level c, while type 4 light grids can still be used for performance level e. Type 3 is assigned to performance level d and has previously not been available in the market. Users, therefore, had to switch to type 4 in practice if they wished to satisfy the safety requirement PL d.

Protection against shock ...

The new light grids from Pilz are particularly well suited for manual workplaces, the infeed/discharge of material and for the material handling in robot applications. With their high shock resistance of 50g, they are ideally suited for rugged industrial environments. PSENopt II, therefore, not only offer increased flexibility with a focus on their application area, but also increase the machine availability.

... and long downtimes

As type 3 light grids, PSENopt II offers not only hand protection but also finger protection up to PL d. The light grids work with continuous single beams that completely eliminate the so-called "dead zones". The light barriers can thus move closer to the application. Thanks to the absence of dead zones, users save space in the application. The light grids increase the availability of the application; all significant causes or system defects responsible for a machine stop can be evaluated quickly and easily thanks to LEDs, minimizing downtimes.

Protect quickly and economically

Light grids PSENopt II can also be installed easily with the corresponding assembly aids. Thanks to their 5-pin connection they can be directly connected to the decentralized periphery PDP67, which effectively reduces the commissioning effort. In combination with control technology from Pilz, the light grids PSENopt II are a safe and economically complete solution for all industries and application areas.

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