65-V Micro-Power Buck Converters

Two 65-V, 150-mA synchronous DC/DC buck converters from Texas Instruments claim the industry's lowest quiescent current at 10.5 µA.

Aw 100655 1605np Texasinst

Aimed at powering factory automation and automotive sensor applications requiring high efficiency, the industrial-grade LM5165 and the automotive-grade LM5165-Q1 micro-power step-down regulators feature a wide input voltage range and dual control modes for optimizing efficiency and printed circuit board area. The wide 3-V to 65-V operating range enables the regulators to handle the highest transients in industrial sensor and programmable logic controller applications, as well as start-stop and load-dump conditions for 12-V/24-V lead-acid and emerging 48-V lithium-ion automotive batteries. Integrated dual metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors reduce PCB area, while a programmable current-limit scheme reduces inductor size. Low 10.5-µA standby current (operating with no load) enables 90% conversion efficiency at 1-mA to 10-mA loads to extend battery life in "always on" applications. Both regulators operate at junction temperatures up to 150ºC for higher temperature environments. The LM5165-Q1 is AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications.

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