Universal Inverter for Marine and Offshore Oil and Gas

Rexroth has expanded the range of its IndraDrive ML liquid-cooled, space-saving, modular universal inverters to include higher voltages to generate drive power up to 4 MW.

Aw 105087 Bosch Rexroth Indradriveml

Added variants extend voltages to include the 525-690 V range. This helps facilitate higher drive powers, which enables use in marine and oil and gas applications, as well as other industrial applications. The inverters generate drive power of 110-500 kW per device. In parallel connection of up to eight devices, they can generate up to 4 MW. They are ideal for anchors, net winches or for ship cranes, and are suitable for complex, multi-axis applications. Drive-based Motion Logic solutions regulate synchronized movements via their own intelligence, and offer Safety on Board certified safety technology. Regenerative breaking technology offers power regeneration back into the system, battery or storage bank. Regardless of voltage, all inverters in the series are already certified for industrial applications pursuant to CE, UL and CSA.

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