Enclosure Illuminator

The LED System Light from Rittal is designed specifically for enclosures.

Aw 107426 1610np Rittal

It shines into every corner of the industrial enclosure, from the roof to the floor, and delivers from 900 to 1200 lumens, dispersed through a special optical cover with Fresnel structure, in two designs for precise lighting. The Fresnel lens uses a prism-like pattern to provide magnified light coverage. The cover rotates easily, for adaptive light distribution. Installation is simple, with the design integrated into the company’s TS 8 modular enclosure. Fast, tool-free assembly on a latching hook system uses a 25 mm pitch pattern of holes to simply latch and secure. Optional screw-fastening is also available, or a magnetic attachment to freely position the light anywhere in the enclosure. The light may be fitted horizontally or vertically with no loss of space in the enclosure. Lights with motion detectors are equipped with a rotating LED board as standard, allowing the direction of the light to be adapted to any installation situation.

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