Embedded Credentialing for IoT Devices, Machines, and Endpoints

The Floodgate Key Manager from Icon Labs, in cooperation with Renesas and Verizon, provides integration with multiple certificate authorities, including Verizon’s certificate authority, also known as IoT SC.

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This makes it easy for OEMs to provide automated security credentialing and certificate enrollment for their embedded Linux and RTOS-based IoT and IIoT devices. During enrollment, each device securely obtains a certificate that is used for identification and authentication when communicating with other devices also enrolled in the same PKI system. The development and integration is complete and available today for demonstration on the Renesas Synergy platform from Renesas Electronics America, Inc. The Synergy platform provides the hardware foundation ensuring that the secure boot code, cryptographic keys, certificates, and signatures have not been tampered with. Synergy provides hardware enforced memory protection to ensure that hackers cannot tamper with the boot sequence or the secure boot operations.

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