Modular Enclosures

The Hoffman PROLINE G2 line of modular enclosures from Pentair are designed to bear the loads of industrial applications, be fast to assemble, and be easy to populate with electrical and electronic components.

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The enclosure frame provides strong protection under load in every dimension and under torque. This allows it to remain square under load, keeping side/rear covers aligned and eliminating door closing issues. The EZ-Load Mounting System is designed to make the process of loading mounting-subpanels into the frame faster and safer by giving the user a variety of loading options. Glide Blocks can be used to load a subpanel vertically from the front, rear, and side, or horizontally from the front or rear. Modular construction provides easy access through the use of removable doors, sides, tops and bottom panels. A new fastener combines a screw and nut in one package, which makes attaching items to the frame or grid strap network easier. Enclosures can be joined in bays without field modification, making it easier to move and ship large systems. Hundreds of components and accessories can be used to create unique plug and play solutions. Suggested applications include industrial automation controls (PLC, VFD), process controls (DCS, SCADA, Safety Systems, networking in industrial environments, electrical panels, equipment protection, power distribution and HMI controls.

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