FDT 2.0 DTM to Manage Foxboro Pressure Transmitter

Foxboro, a Schneider Electric company, provides an FDT 2.0 DTM for its pressure transmitters.

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The transmitters which provide the following features:

- Precise and Reliable Measurement
The Foxboro I/A Series® Pressure “S” Series Models IAP10S and IGP10S transmitters are intelligent, two-wire transmitters that provide precise, reliable measurement of absolute or gauge pressure, and transmit a 4 to 20 mA output signal with a superimposed HART digital signal for remote configuration and monitoring.

- Time in Service
Similar to how an odometer allows an automobile owner to track the total number of miles driven and a trip odometer tracks the number of miles driven since a user-defined starting point, the transmitters allow you to keep track of the number of days the transmitter has been in service.

- Wide Turndown Ranges
Excellent performance is maintained over an industry leading wide turndown range, meaning that an IAP10S/IGP10S transmitter performs better than two separate transmitters designed to cover the same turndown range. The turndown ratio for span adjustment is up to 400:1.

- FoxCal Multiple Calibration Feature
The Foxboro IAP10S and IGP10S pressure transmitters offer a unique patented FoxCal (multiple calibration) technology feature that eliminates the need for a traditional single span calibration at an application-specific pressure range.

For more information, visit, http://www.schneider-electric.com/en/product-range/63509-pressure/3448261302-absolute?subNodeId=3448269742en_WW&parent-subcategory-id=86486#tabs

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