Low-Profile Strip Lights Illuminate Machines, Work Spaces, and Mobile Equipment

The WLS15 from Banner Engineering makes it easy and cost-effective to illuminate machines, work spaces, and mobile equipment for improved efficiency and productivity.

Aw 145487 1708np Banner

Featuring high-efficiency LEDs and a diffuse window, the unit provides bright, even illumination with no hot spots, while its space-saving design allows installation in confined areas and very tight spaces; its 15 mm profile will not obstruct sight lines or disrupt the work environment. Since it uses LEDs, it consumes a fraction of the energy of many comparable light fixtures and can be set to run on 12 or 24 VDC. This makes it suitable for mobile equipment and other battery-regulated applications. The ability to cascade lights together combined with flexible mounting options, such as endcap mounting holes, snap clips, and a wide range of available brackets, simplifies installation and wiring and makes it easy to deploy and power one or multiple lights quickly. Built with a sturdy aluminum inner frame and sealed in a shatter-resistant, UV-stabilized, polycarbonate shell, the light resists impact and vibration and tolerates wet and dirty conditions. An IP67 rating makes it suitable for challenging indoor and outdoor environments.

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