Cybersecurity Suite

Version 2.4 of the Indegy ICS Security Suite delivers end-to-end visibility into operational technology (OT) cyber threats, vulnerabilities, assets and their configurations.

Version 2.4 of the Indegy ICS Security Suite
Version 2.4 of the Indegy ICS Security Suite

This system provides purpose-built OT security monitoring that has traditionally been lacking in industrial networks, and matches IT-grade standards for control and audit. New automated vulnerability management capabilities build a continuously updated security risk profile for each asset based on its criticality level and by monitoring open and misused network ports; security hotfixes deployed on MS-Windows machines, including servers, workstations, desktops, SCADA terminals and HMIs; and cybersecurity vulnerabilities on the devices in the environment, based on CVE scoring. This enables organizations to identify and remediate threats before they can be exploited. New automated asset management capabilities monitor and maintain a complete inventory of industrial controllers, their settings and backplane configurations, including firmware and OS versions; patch levels; module names, models and serial numbers; usage statistics, and more. This detailed visibility can be used to recover from incidents and restore devices to a “known good” state, provide asset tracking for compliance and supporting capacity planning.

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