Built-in Ethernet simplifies drive connectivity

July 23, 2019
Built-in Ethernet in the new FR-A800-E series of drives from Mitsubishi Electric simplifies integration into existing network environments and provides a seamless way for machine builders and system integrators to remotely commission, monitor and troubleshoot equipment or adjust parameters.
An integrated web server and 100Mbit Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity are added to the existing network options of the FR-A800 flagship multi-use inverter. This eliminates concerns about network layering or communication boundaries. Communications with Modbus TCP/IP or CC-Link IE Field networks is standard. Option cards are available for other networks.

An internal PLC enables drive-to-drive communications without a master PLC controller, allowing drives to work together as a team. The IP address of all connected drives is automatically detected, quickly enabling connection and programming using the FR-Configurator2 software.

The FR-A800 series is optimized for packaging, material handling and machine tool applications that require high speeds and precision control. Maximum frequency is 590Hz, vector control goes up to 400Hz and 100 percent torque is achievable at zero speed.