Power Supplies with EtherCAT interface

April 5, 2023

The PS2000 power supplies from Beckhoff feature a built-in EtherCAT interface, allowing the control system to directly process measurement data, internal device diagnostics information, and establish remote access to power supplies. It also provides advanced monitoring features for the DC output or AC input. Operation parameters such as output current and voltage current are transmitted in real time and continuously updated. Voltage, current and temperature data can also be added to the monitoring scope, enabling transparent data exchange and automatic detection of additional load in the system. Status information, error messages and warnings are also available directly in the control platform, where warning thresholds can also be set. Beckhoff offers single-phase, 24V dc power supplies as both 10A and 20A variants with an output power of 240 and 480W, respectively. A 10A variant with 480W is available for the 48V dc power supply.