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A BOM-Centered Digital Thread

Definitions of the digital thread tend to vary, but Siemens’ bills of material approach gets to the core of data usage from engineering design through to the supply chain.

Reality Capture in Manufacturing Workflows

A look at 10 ways reality capture technology is used in manufacturing today to connect design and production, aid in reverse engineering, deliver hyper-accurate measurements and...
Dassault Systemes—Delmia

Why Digital Twins Are Becoming Essential for Testing and Commissioning

The ability to test and validate equipment and systems before implementation is key competitive advantage for any manufacturer. However, in these still early days for the technology...

Deciphering Digital Twins and Simulation

Michael Sarvo of Rockwell Automation offers advice on how manufacturers should go about choosing digital twin or simulation technology for commissioning or testing a new piece...

Siemens and Sony Partner on Metaverse Vision

Combining Siemens Xcelerator software with a new VR headset from Sony will enable engineers to explore design concepts in an immersive workspace.

RS Group Chooses Siemens’ Tech for Circuit Simulator

Powered by Siemens’ PartQuest software, the RS DesignSpark Circuit Simulator is a cloud native environment for designing, modeling, simulating and analyzing circuits and systems...

AI Reduces CAM Programming Time

By automatically generating machining strategies, CAM programming time can be accelerated by up to 80%.
Ronnie Bernstein, head of production at BMF using Markforged’s Digital Source software.

Solving Supply Chain Issues with Distributed Manufacturing

By enabling manufacturer-certified parts to be licensed and printed through Markforged's global 3D printer network, manufacturers can address common inventory and supply chain...


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New MapleSim Insight Product from Maplesoft Greatly Simplifies Machine-Level Controller Testing

New tool provides 3-D visualizations for simulation-based testing on common automation platforms.
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Imaging Software Uses Deep Learning

The Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X service pack delivers user training of deep neural networks for classification, coarse segmentation from classification using deep learning,...
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Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation

Additive Manufacturing (AM) Path Optimizer from Siemens combines physics-based simulation with machine learning to analyze a full job file before execution on the machine.
Ids Nxt Ocean Design In Kit 920x450

Training Neural Networks Without AI Expertise and Creating Individual Inference Cameras

IDS NXT ocean is a solution for users to get started with AI-based image processing. From camera hardware to intuitive training software for creating individual artificial neural...


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Robot Path Planning in Tecnomatix

Beyond path planning, simulation data from the robots can be connected to the automation system to assess how the line is actually running.
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Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Software Demo

Siemens explains how OEMs, production line builders and manufacturers can now use digital twins to manage numerous applications—from equipment design to designing robotic cells...
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ABB Introduces Cobot Welding Application

Collaborative robots are increasingly being used in heavier industrial applications, such as welding, as demonstrated by ABB at IMTS 2022.
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3D Printing System from ABB

The MDPE10 particle extruder from Massive Dimension is capable of outputting 10 lbs of material per hour.