Mass Flow Controller has High-Speed Ethernet/IP Interface

Brooks Instrument has added the Ethernet/IP digital communications interface to its SLA5800 Series mass flow controller family.

Mass Flow Controller from Brooks has High-Speed Ethernet/IP Interface
Mass Flow Controller from Brooks has High-Speed Ethernet/IP Interface

Integrating the high-speed digital Ethernet/IP interface increases the controller’s functionality by making it easier for OEMs and end users to leverage real-time, rich process data with high-speed digital communications. Enhancements include expanded advanced diagnostic and alarm capabilities that provide pedigree, performance and reliability data from the MFC and allows predictive and preventive maintenance to help improve overall equipment effectiveness, reliability and flexibility; a Web-based interface that allows network settings to be easily configured on the MFC; the ability of OEMs to provide value-added process management and control capabilities, giving users real-time information to improve operating results; and compatibility with Rockwell Automation DCS software through an enhanced device profile enabled in the SLA5800 EDS file that unlocks advanced features in Studio 5000 software. This helps facilitate setup and integration of the MFC into the DCS/PLC.

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